If you’re looking to lose weight and burn the fat right off your frame then you need to consider carefully what you intend to do. There are a lot of different programs, systems, and even ‘miracle drugs’ out there now that claim to be able to help you lose weight faster than ever before – but at a core level the theory behind losing weight is always the same.

When you boil it down, every time you eat, you’re consuming food that is going to be converted into energy. That is why people count calories of the food that they are eating – because calories are a measurement of energy and they let you know how much energy is going to be produced by the food that you consume.

Once the food is converted into energy, your body then uses it throughout your daily activities. The problem is that if there is energy left over, your body will store it for a rainy day – and it does so by converting it into fat.


In order to burn the fat, you essentially need to force your body to use up all the energy that it has gained through regular food so that it is then forced to tap into these energy stores. When that happens, the fat will be converted back into energy and used up.

Every program out there is somehow based on this theory. For example, the reason people diet to lose weight is because by cutting down on their calorie intake they’re effectively ending up with less energy and so their body will be forced to burn the fat in order to get the energy that it needs to make up for it.

Similarly when you exercise, you’re forcing your body to expend more energy – and it will then need to burn the fat to do so.

Other methods of losing weight affect the theory in similar ways. For example, some of the so called ‘miracle drugs’ that help to lose weight are nothing more than metabolism enhancers that help you to expend more energy with your regular activities. In that way, they too force you to burn the fat to get more energy.

Nowadays there are even appetite suppressants that aim to reduce your appetite so that your calorie intake is lower, which one again forces your body to burn the fat to compensate.

Are you starting to see how this one theory is really at work behind pretty much every weight loss program, system, and ‘miracle drug’ out there? Frankly speaking, if you understand this equation you should be able to see that no matter how you approach it as long as you’re using more energy than you’re consuming – you will lose weight!