Nowadays there are countless ‘muscle building’ programs out there and many of them are dubious in nature. Some have fantastic claims and yet fail to deliver, while others may deliver some or not all of what they promise.

Bearing this in mind, you can’t be blamed for wanting to know exactly what the Vince Del Monte approach deals with. Sure, he’s a pretty famous bodybuilder and celebrity fitness trainer, but what exactly is in his No Nonsense Muscle Building program? What makes it any different from the countless others out there?

Vince Del Monte and His New Approach to Body Building

One of the most interesting aspects of the Vince Del Monte approach is the initial stage in which he debunks most of the common techniques used in bodybuilding. Make no mistake, he doesn’t just say that they don’t work and expect you to take him at his word, but rather he actually explains why they don’t work and what is wrong with them.

From that foundation, he lets you in on his own approach which he has used to help himself and countless others craft their muscles.

Of course, the real question here is: What does the Vince Del Monte approach actually deal with under the hood?

A Complete Muscle Building Program

Unlike most other muscle building programs that concentrate on certain exercises with heavy weights, the Vince Del Monte approach provides are more ‘all round’ approach.

What this means is that you’ll find advice that deals with areas such as:

  • Diet – what you should be eating for a healthy and balanced (and yet tasty!) diet
  • Cardiovascular and flexibility exercises – to get your body in great shape to begin with and form the basis of your weight training
  • Muscle building impact exercises – that really put your body through the work that it needs to bulk up quickly with tons of toned and taut muscle

Every aspect of this program is fully guided and so you’ll actually be seeing what you need to do with the help of videos and other advice.

Furthermore, there is even a special members only section that is crucial to the Vince Del Monte approach because it will provide you with further support and encouragement from a community of likeminded people who are all working towards the same goals!

In short, the Vince Del Monte approach is as complete as it can be and covers everything about muscle building and bulking up. It even talks about supplements and steroids (which aren’t recommended), and advises you on which supplements to use and why you should avoid using steroids when you’re bulking up.

So what do you think? Is the Vince Del Monte approach the real deal or what?